Locked In


The LOCKED IN seed mix is an attractive mix of high protein plants that provide a needed boost of nutrition to any deer herd.  This frost-resistant food plot mixture is a late-season deer magnet that has a great mix of palatable roots as well as green leafy browse.  The high protein content combined with the high sucrose content can “sugar” charge your food plot and get those deer LOCKED IN on your location.

Plant in late spring or early summer at least 90 days before the first frost.  Average to above-average soil fertility, PH level between 6-7 and above-average sun and moisture are desirable for best results. 

Frost Resistant

Not only is this blend frost resistant to maintain success late into the season but it actually gets better after a freeze! The Purple Top Turnips in this blend turn sweeter after a frost and quickly become favorite snack of any deer herd.

Highly Attractive

The green leafy browse combined with turnip tops created in a Locked In plot will stop any deer in its tracks. With one look bucks and does on your property will want nothing more than to hang out in this plot and eat it all up.

Super Protein

Protein is a critical component in any animals diet and deer are no exception. Building a high protein plot with Locked In will help your herd grow to their full potential.

Blend Contents

Producing both edible leaves and roots, sugar beets make a great food plot addition. They also act as a great source of nutrition for deer with their high sucrose and protein content. 

Highly visible and loaded in protein, Purple Top Turnips are a key component of what makes the Locked In blend great. These turnips are unaffected by light frosts and even improved as they become sweeter after a freeze turning them into deer candy.

Another high protein offering that also contains a healthy supply of Vitamin C to help keep bucks energized during the rut and through the winter.

Highly productive forage and loaded with vitamins A, B, and C. Kale can produce loads of forage with its protein-heavy leaves to keep your plot stocked and your deer full.

Collards make their mark by being a hardy plant capable of regrowing even after major grazing. Even in a heavily trafficked plot collards will keep producing throughout the entire growing season.

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