The HITMAN mix is the perfect blend of early and late season protein sources.  Deer will browse on the grain tops in the early season and indulge on the turnip bulbs as the weather turns cooler.  The cool and frost tolerant plants is an ideal planting in the northern climates.  The highly attractive and easily digestible mix of high protein plants turns any hunter into a whitetail HITMAN.

Plant in late spring or early summer at least 90 days before the first frost.  Average to above average soil fertility, PH level between 6-7 and above average sun and moisture are desirable for best results. 

Herd Builder

Create a highly nutritious food supply for your herd to promote healthy growth and reproduction. Keep your herd strong year after year with Hitman.

Great Tonnage

A mix of solid root vegetables and highly palatable greens creates a huge amount of food without a ton of space. Use Hitman to stock your plots to the fullest and keep your deer full!


Optimal Antler Growth

Loaded with the nutrients needed for building antler bulk, your bucks won’t have any problem growing quality racks.


Highly visible and loaded in protein, Purple Top Turnips are a key component of what makes the Locked In blend great. These turnips are unaffected by light frosts and even improved as they become sweeter after a freeze turning them into deer candy.

Collards make their mark by being a hardy plant capable of regrowing even after major grazing. Even in a heavily trafficked plot collards will keep producing throughout the entire growing season.

A cross between a turnip and kale, this brassica provides a deep taproot tolerant of dry conditions. With high growth potential, Winfred Brassica can create a large amount of forage with the potential to last well into the winter.

A cross between winter rye and winter wheat, this robust plant is capable of withstanding stress and acidic soil. High in carbohydrates and immediately palatable, triticale quickly becomes a top attraction to not only deer but also turkeys and small game birds.

Fast-growing and resilient ryegrass will get your plot up and running in no time. Ryegrass will give the rest of the blend time to get started while still providing an opportunity for your deer to start grazing and making your plot a regular stop.

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