Dinner Bell


The DINNER BELL mix is a perennial seed mix with the addition of oats to supercharge to the first hunting season with an explosive amount of high protein attractant.  Leave the perennial planting year after year with a great mix of high protein and highly palatable browsing greens.  If you are looking for an easy to plant low maintenance food plot mixture just ring the DINNER BELL.

Plant in late summer or early fall.  Can be planted in below to average soil fertility and ph levels between 5.5 – 7.  Average sunlight and moisture is required for best results.

Highly Attractive

Oats provide a major boost in protein while being highly attractive to catch the attention of any passing deer. Your herd won’t overlook this plot any time soon.

Impressive Forage

This dense planting is capable of producing an impressive amount of forage in minimal acreage to keep your herd healthy and satisfied.

Fast Growing

Get your plot up and running in no time with Dinner Bell. Get the deer on your plot early and keep them coming day after day.


A cool season annual cereal grain, oats are highly favored by deer and are highly nutritious. Fast growing and highly digestible it won’t take long for oats to begin providing consistent, nutritious forage.

Tolerant of poor soil conditions and dry spells, red clover is capable of producing an impressive yield which is unaffected by heavy grazing. A biennial planting, red clover can provide a high level of graze over multiple years creating a great low maintenance food plot.

A highly palatable cool season perennial grass, Timothy is often a main focus for passing deer. High production also gives this grass the power to create a large amount of forage in a short period of time.

Fast-growing and resilient ryegrass will get your plot up and running in no time. Ryegrass will give the rest of the blend time to get started while still providing an opportunity for your deer to start grazing and making your plot a regular stop.

High in protein and very high yield potential makes alfalfa a great addition to just about any food plot. When managed properly alfalfa can be highly productive for up to five years.

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