Switchback® XC 500 PRO


The Switchback® XC 500 PRO is the most versatile machine for the avid food plotter. The 6 cutting tines on the durable steel frame with the combination of the Pro or automatic lift kit and you have one of the most versatile food plots machines on the market.

The Switchback® XC 500 is a must-have for anyone looking to establish or expand food plots. The Switchback® is designed with a series of cutting teeth that keep a downward angle of attack at any cutting depth. This eliminates or dramatically reduces the amount of additional weight required to achieve large scale results. The Switchback® XC 500 combined with the PRO lift kit, creates the most rugged dirt cutting machine on the market.

Cutting Width

5ft (60 in.)

Adjustable Cutting Depth

0-8 in.

Number of Cutting Tines


Standard Cutting Tooth

2.75" (1" & 4" Available)

Coupler Size

Standard 2" Ball


13×5.00-6 NO FLAT


2200 lb. Actuator