Premium Food Plot Seed

Every bag of PlotHog® Plus premium food plot seed is blended to help hunters create highly attractive and nutritious food plots on their property. Our blends use fresh, quality seed to give you the best odds of success.
Explore our blends below to find what works best for you and your property!

This frost resistant food plot mixture is a late season deer magnet that has a great mix of palatable roots and green leafy browse.  The high protein content combined with the high sucrose content can “sugar” charge your food plot and get those deer LOCKED IN on your location.
Sugar Beets • Purple Top Turnips • Forage Radish • Kale • Collards
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HITMAN is the perfect blend of early and late season protein sources.  Deer will browse on the grain tops in the early season and indulge on the turnip bulbs as the weather turns cooler.  The cold and frost tolerant plants are ideal for planting in northern climates.  The highly attractive and easily digestible mix of high protein plants can turn any hunter into a whitetail HITMAN.
Purple Top Turnips Collards Brassica Spring Triticale Annual Ryegrass
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TUNDRA TRAIL is a cold hardy mix of high protein late season attractants combined with a set of highly palatable perennials.  This mix is perfect for a late season planting and in less than ideal growing locations such as logging roads or deep woods plots.
Purple Top Turnips Forage Radish Brassica Chicory  White Clover Annual Ryegrass
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This ultimate mix of clover cover plants can attract deer any time of the year.  The perennial plot mix helps build soil fertility as well as provides a high protein browse for your herd.  The addition of chicory supercharges this attractive seed mix into a protein-heavy sweet spot for your deer. 
Kale Chicory White Clover Red Clover Alsike Clover Timothy Annual Ryegrass Alfalfa
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DINNERBELL is a perennial seed mix with the addition of oats to supercharge the first hunting season with an explosive amount of high protein attractant.  Leave the perennial planting year after year with a great mix of high protein and highly palatable browsing greens.  If you are looking for an easy to plant low-maintenance food plot mixture just ring the DINNERBELL.
Oats Red Clover Timothy Annual Ryegrass Alfalfa
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This blend is a diverse mix of early and late season attractants.  Winter Peas, barley and oats provide the early season nutrition deer seek with forage beans providing the late season protein that pulls deer in.  GRAIN RAGE will compete with any agricultural planting and give you a good reason to spend more time in the stand. 
Spring Oats •  Forage Beans Barley Winter Peas
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GRASS N’ GRAIN is specifically developed with a blend of seeds for less than ideal planting areas.  This blend of seed thrives in tricky conditions including lower soil PH and below-average sunlight.  The combination of high protein greens and high forage content grasses makes this food plot seed mix a great choice for a first year food plot. 
Chicory Alsike Clover Winter Lentil Pearl Millet Chickpea
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