Food Plots Done Right

The Switchback® model is the most versatile food plot equipment system on the market. We have designed the Switchback® frame to maximize the down force for each tillage implement thus reducing or eliminating the need for extra weight to achieve excellent cutting performance. By reducing the weight of each unit without compromising it performance, the Switchback® can be pulled by virtually any ATV or UTV with a standard size trailer hitch. Each tillage attachment and accessory can be mounted to the Switchback® frame allowing it to be configured for a variety of terrains and soil conditions. Each unit is made of structural steel tubing and is powder coated with a durable finish. Every Switchback® also comes standard with no-flat tires and agricultural grade components.

Full Plot Hog Systems

Ready-to-Go Systems with everything you need to get started.

Switchback® XC 500

Switchback® XD 500

Switchback® XR 500

Plot Hog Attachments

Attachment bars to increase the functionality of your existing Switchback® frame.

Switchback® XC 500 Attachment

Switchback® XD 500 Attachment

Switchback® XR 500 Attachment

Plot Hog Accessories

Accessories to upgrade your Plot Hog.

Switchback® Weight Bar

Manual Lift Kit

PRO Lift Kit