PlotHog® was developed to provide hunters with versatile, high quality and cost effective equipment to allow every hunter and property manager to make their property a trophy property. Proudly designed, manufactured and tested in the Midwest, we have tested our equipment in a wide variety of conditions and terrain. Our Switchback® 500 model is our signature model and was originally developed in 2012 to develop a solution for reaching those hard to get to food plot locations. Since then, we have added a variety of additional tillage heads and accessories to provide a full line of products to develop and maintain any size of food plot. Serious hunters have found, if you are looking for food plot equipment that can get the tough job done, look no further!

PlotHog® is a division of Horizon Innovation LLC and based out of Wisconsin, in the middle of the best Boone and Crockett area of the country. Based out of Wisconsin, we border the other states in the top 4 for Boone and Crockett entries and collectively account for over 55% of the total Boone and Crocket entries since 1830. Some of the advantages we have in the Midwest is good genetics, excellent nutrition and agriculture, along with a variety of great habitat. Part of the excellent nutrition that deer in the Midwest have access to, is the numerous food plots scattered throughout the area. These provide supplemental nutrition as well as additional habitat that give the right genetics the ability to thrive.